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6 Relocation Services That A Company May Offer A Transferred Employee

Posted by on Sep 13, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 6 Relocation Services That A Company May Offer A Transferred Employee

If you are planning to move an employee to a different company branch that is located in another city or state, you may be trying to decide on which relocation services you will offer to the employee. Many employees are not given a choice about being transferred to a new location. Thus, it can be in the company’s best interest, especially if it is trying to retain a stellar employee, to make the move as easy as possible for the valued worker. Here are a few relocation services or expenses that are sometimes covered by the employing company: Professional Movers A move can be tiring and difficult for a person who has lived in the same place for a prolonged period. Some companies pay a moving company to box and transport the employee’s belongings to their new home or apartment.  The movers usually inventory, box and move the items via large moving trucks. They may also offer insurance to cover the cost of any items that could be broken during transport. The original inventory list will also include the original state of the items, so it will be easy to recognize issues with the items after the move. Home Buying Expenses Some companies absorb some of the costs associated with purchasing a new home, such as the closing costs and down payment. If the employee’s current home does not sell quickly, a company may even choose to purchase the home to lessen the burden of the move.  Apartment Rental In some cases, companies provide hotel accommodations or rent an apartment for the employee’s use for a designated period. After this acclimation period, the employee may be required to find his or her own permanent living arrangements. If the employee has already found a permanent home, the amount that would have been assigned for the apartment or hotel can be used toward the down payment or first month’s rent for the property. Food Allowance There may even be a food allowance during the move. Many companies provide a meal allowance for meals that are consumed during company trips. The allowance may also be suitable during the relocation of an employee.  Temporary Storage Fees If an employee’s belongings need to be stored until a suitable home can be found, the company may pay for the storage of these items.  Shipping of Vehicles In some cases, the employee’s vehicles may need to be shipped to the transfer location, especially if the new site is beyond a typical driving distance. To learn more about relocation services that should be offered to a transferred employee, check out and consult with a human resource specialist in your...

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Tips for Choosing Packaging for Your Artisan Jewelry

Posted by on Aug 24, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Tips for Choosing Packaging for Your Artisan Jewelry

Creating and selling your jewelry designs, whether online, at art festivals, or through a shopfront, requires careful packaging choices. Not only should the packaging ensure the jewelry makes it to the purchaser’s home safely, but it is also an opportunity to showcase your brand so that the purchaser is more likely to think of your designs the next time they want a new piece. The following tips can help you with package design. Tip #1: Consider your delivery method The types of packaging you need for jewelry depends in part on your usual delivery method. If your jewelry is available only in-person such as at festivals or shops, then you can go with more creative packaging such as cloth bags. If most of your business is through mail order, you will need to use sturdy packaging so the jewelry survives the journey and delivery. In this case, strong boxes, such as plastic jewelry boxes, combined with padded shipping envelopes may be a better choice. Tip #2: Determine how traditional you want the packaging to be Traditional jewelry packaging usually consists of plastic snap-close boxes, either made of clear or solid-colored plastic or with a plush exterior. If you create and sell traditional fine jewelry, such as those forged from gold and gemstones, this may be the best option. For quirkier designs, art-house styles, or jewelry made from less valuable materials, though, you can get more creative with the packaging. Pillow boxes, organza bags, or cardboard boxes are viable options. #3: Add your brand No matter which style of box you decide upon, it’s vital that you add some branding to the design. Plastic boxes are usually monogrammed or printed directly with your logo. You can have fabric and organza jewelry bags stamped, either by your supplier or with a stamp you can purchase and use on your own. The same is true for cardboard packaging, whether it is a pillow box or rigid box. Cardboard can also be imprinted with your logo, or you can have stickers printed and applied to the boxes. The important thing is to have your brand visible and to maintain a consistent style of packaging. #4: Consider the cost The final consideration needs to be the cost, as you don’t want to hike up prices too much to cover packaging. For example, if you ship most items but want to use glittery gold organza bags, it may be too expensive to package the jewelry in both a bag and a box to ensure safe shipping. Instead, consider saving the bags for in-person sales and using less-expensive glittery gold tissue paper in the boxes. This maintains your brand but allows you to keep costs in line. For more help selecting packaging for your artisan jewelry business, contact a packaging supplier, such as Contempo...

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3 Big Benefits of Adding LED Mirrors to Your Hair Salon

Posted by on Aug 3, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 3 Big Benefits of Adding LED Mirrors to Your Hair Salon

In any hair salon, the mirrors that line the walls behind the chairs where customers are serviced are perhaps the most important architectural feature and play a huge role in customer interactions from day to day. While you may think that your basic mirrors you have now work just fine, you could see a dramatic difference with the addition of LED wall mirrors. LED mirrors are lined with light either in a frame around the perimeter of the mirror or from just behind the edge and are an incredibly attractive salon addition. However, beyond being aesthetically appealing, there are a handful of other benefits you can reap in a salon by adding LED mirrors. Provide even lighting for a clearer reflection in the mirror.  One of the greatest advantages of LED mirrors is the light around them is provided in a clean, even way, without lighted and shadowed areas. For example, if you have a traditional mirror with lighting placed only overhead, this can mean when a customer sees their reflection, they will be able to best see the top of it, with the lower half of their reflection more shadowed. With LED mirrors offering lighting all the way around, anyone peering at their reflection will see an even amount of lighting, which will give a more visible, clear-cut reflection where details about hairstyles, makeup, and so on are easy to see. Lower the energy usage of your salon drastically. LED lights burn bright without the usual amount of energy that would be necessary for some other types of lighting, such as light fixtures that require fluorescent bulbs. Therefore, making the change to LED mirrors in your salon could easily give you the advantage of energy savings throughout the year without compromising the amount of lighting you have available.  Avoid problems for your stylists with light interference.  In a hair salon, the stylist will be using a combination of lighting to keep the customers hair as visible as possible during service. However, the overhead lights are usually the lighting that is relied on the most in a salon. If your salon mirrors are fitted with bright vanity lights lining the top, this can interfere with the view the stylist has while they serve a customer. While LED mirrors provide lighting, the light is not so bright that it will make it difficult for the stylist to maintain a clear view of a customer’s hair while they cut, color, or...

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Investors Or A Partner ~ Which Business Start Up Connection Is Best For You?

Posted by on Jul 19, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Investors Or A Partner ~ Which Business Start Up Connection Is Best For You?

Are you planning to start a business? Perhaps you have an idea for a business that you feel would be successful, but you may lack the capital to get your company started. You may have even tried to secure a business loan and found that getting a loan in today’s market is difficult. The loan denials and low loan offers may have discouraged you; however, there may still be a way to get your business started. You should consider if you would like to partner with someone else or secure funding from investors.  Are you comfortable with sharing responsibility and business decisions with someone else? If you are comfortable with shared responsibility and negotiating business decisions then a partnership could be beneficial. You may be able to find someone locally who is looking for an opportunity to start a business, and your idea could convince them to go into business with you. Perhaps people in your local area are not interested, you could utilize business partner services to find someone.  Since this is your business idea, you may be completely against allowing someone else to come in and work in the business with you. You may want to keep a significant amount of control over the business and the decisions. In this case, you would likely benefit from securing the capital you need from investors. There are a number of them who have small business start-up investment funds in their portfolios.  Do you give up easily? Whether you partner or find investors, you need to consider the possibility that you may have to pitch your business idea several times before you find someone who is interested. you also  need to keep in mind that sometimes small businesses face issues during their first years of operation. Having someone else to share the business responsibilities with you could aid in keeping you motivated, and a partner could fill this void.  Investors typically expect to see a decent return on their investments. Therefore, if you are a person who is determined and works well alone, finding investors could be beneficial. Keep in mind that you will likely still have to provide reports and other business information to investors, but they likely will not be “holding your hand” every day while you go through the motions of business highs and lows.  A business start up connections company is a good resource to use to further narrow down the best approach to starting your business. They may have a list of investors and individuals with capital to become partners as well as the types of start-up companies they are interested in. Contact business start up connections for more information....

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Make Your Own Healthy Ice Pops

Posted by on Jun 30, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Make Your Own Healthy Ice Pops

Summer is frozen dessert season. There’s nothing like an ice pop to beat the heat of a sweltering mid-summer day. Summer is also the time when vines, bushes and trees are bursting with ripe, sweet summer fruit. By turning to the bounty of the season and using a few frozen dessert supplies, ice pop lovers don’t have to turn to the grocery’s frozen food aisle in the summer. Instead, they can avoid all that dye and highly processed sugar, and make their own sweet treats when temperatures soar into the high digits.  Supplies  An ice pop mold is a must. They’re available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some come with their own plastic sticks and some require disposable wooden ones. Stainless steel molds also are available and are perfect for those who want to avoid using plastic in the kitchen. Another fun kitchen gadget is a set of reusable plastic or silicone sleeves that allow home chefs to recreate those brightly colored rods of flavored ice they might have enjoyed as children. A blender or food processor is necessary to create the ice pop mix and a funnel is nice to have to make pouring an ice pop mix easier, but it isn’t necessary. A strainer is another useful tool for making ice pops, especially ones made with fruit. Not everyone likes pulp in their ice pops, and a strainer makes it easy to remove the pulp without losing any flavor. {For more information, contact supply companies like Color Change Spoon.} Methods Summer fruit is already very sweet, especially if bought at the peak of ripeness. That sweetness can be enhanced if fruits are cooked in the oven for a while before they’re turned into ice pops. Some particularly sweet summer fruits, like strawberries and peaches, can be blended into an ice pop without the addition of any sweetener if they’re softened in the oven first. To cook fruit for ice pops, simply slice them, drizzle them with a little coconut or olive oil, add some honey or maple syrup for extra sweetness if desired and pop them into a 350 degree oven or heat them on the stove until they begin to soften and get juicy. Once the cooked fruit is cool, slip off the skins of larger fruits—don’t worry about trying to skin a blueberry—and pop them in the blender with a little liquid of your choice. Lime, lemon or orange juice are good choices, as are nut milk, whole milk plain yogurt or even just a splash of water or coconut water. Once the mix is smooth, put it through a strainer, if desired, pour it into ice pop molds and place the filled molds in the freezer. The hard part is waiting several hours for the ice pops to set! Combinations to Try Try cooked strawberries mixed with fresh basil and a splash of unsweetened almond milk. Fresh melon—watermelon, honeydew or cantaloupe—mixed with mint leaves is a refreshing treat. Smoothie lovers can even pour their typical morning smoothie into ice pop molds and enjoy a frozen smoothie for breakfast! The fun part of all this is experimenting with what’s in season and finding new flavor combinations that make the frozen dessert section in the grocery store look way less exciting....

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Using The Services Of A Cash Advance Business To Give Your Credit A Boost

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Whether you need money due to a financial emergency or not, if you have bad credit, there could be a few good reasons to visit a cash advance lender. Because cash advance services make it easy for people with bad credit to obtain a loan with out a lot of prerequisites, you may be able to use this to your advantage and boost your own credit score. Here are a few things you should know about the possibility of giving your credit score a boost by paying a visit to a local cash advance lender. Just accepting a few cash advances and repaying them accordingly could help you out. If you do take out a cash advance with a lender, your timely repayment and good customer standing could be reported to the credit bureaus with every transaction. As an added advantage, you could use the money to pay off small debts, such as remaining credit card balances, with the advanced cash, which could also give your credit rating a small boost. Some cash advance lenders even offer installment loans in spite of your low credit rating. Even though you have a low credit rating, all is definitely not lost when it comes to loan availability through cash advance services. Many of these flexible lending institutions actually offer installment loans to their customers which are given based on the same criteria it takes to get a cash advance. Installment loans are paid back in smaller increments instead of in one lump sum like a cash advance, which will help you to build a good payment history to have displayed on your credit report. Holding a good payment history standing is one of the first things larger lending institutions, such as finance companies and banks, will consider. Even without credit agency reporting, being a cash advance customer could help you with other lenders. Not all cash advance services report to credit bureaus and some only report if you do not pay back an accepted loan and your account is in default. However, you can still utilize their services to help you build a reliable borrower reputation. If you have been a customer in good standing with a cash advance service for a while, you can often use them as a reference on a loan application and supply proof that you have always made your payments in time as agreed in the beginning of the loan term. To get an installment loan, talk to a professional like Las Vegas Finance....

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Four Factors To Consider When Choosing A Funeral Home

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When a loved one passes away, there is a lot of planning that must take place. If you are responsible for choosing the funeral home that will take care of your loved one, there are essential factors to take into consideration to ensure that the wake and funeral go as well as they possibly can. The following guide walks you through a few factors to consider before choosing a funeral home when a loved one passes. The Location The first thing you need to consider is the location of the funeral home. You want to be sure that the home is located in a central location so that all of your loved one’s friends and family can easily attend the wake and funeral. If you choose a funeral home that is located an hour or more away from the people that want to attend the ceremony, there is a good chance that they may not be able to make it. The Size The next thing you need to consider is the size of the funeral home. If you know that there will be a lot of people coming to the funeral, you need to choose a funeral home that is large enough to accommodate all of those people. Ask the funeral director what the maximum capacity is for the building. If the number is lower than the number of people that you think are coming to the funeral, you may need to choose a different location. The Hours Consider the hours that the funeral home will allow you to have the wake for your loved one. There are people who will not be able to take time off of work to come to the wake if it takes place during the day. You need to choose a funeral home that will allow you to have the wake at a time that is conducive to the people who will be attending it. The Packages Offered Finally, consider the packages that the funeral home offers. There are some funeral homes that will provide you a discounted rate if you purchase the headstone, burial plot, and casket from them. Determine what packages each funeral home that you are considering offers so that you can find the best rate for all of the things your loved one will need. Once you have taken these four factors into consideration, you should be able to make an informed decision as to which funeral home is the best fit for your loved one. Be sure to start making arrangements with a funeral home like Friedrichs Funeral Home right away so everything can go as smoothly as...

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The Benefits Of Using A Solar-Powered Generator

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A generator is an excellent tool for providing backup power in the event of an emergency power outage. Standard generators are powered using gasoline to provide energy to keep the motor running so that temporary power can be restored. New, environmentally-friendly solar-powered generators offer all of the same functions as a standard generator, but with many other benefits as well. Read on to learn how these new forms of generators can give you even more perks. Cost Effective Since solar-powered generators rely only on the sun as an energy source, you won’t need to fill up the tank with fuel. This means you can turn on the generator at any time as long as the panels have been in the sun long enough to get power. There is no more need to refill the generator with gas or keep extra cans of gasoline stored for future use. A simple set up and no tank means that you’ll save a lot of extra cash on providing fuel for the generator to run. Safer Most generators that need gas to operate can be dangerous if not used correctly. Unfortunately, people die each year due to gas generators being used indoors during the winter. Harmful fumes from the gas can fill a home quickly and create a perilous environment. There’s also a serious fire risk with generators that use gasoline. Solar generators can safely be used without worrying about possible explosions, fire, or harsh fumes being emitted. Portable And Dependable Most solar generators are much lighter than traditional gas-powered models. Because there’s no need for a tank, they are slimmer and more lightweight. This makes them an excellent choice for campers, travelers, and people who want to be able to help a neighbor when their power goes out. Since they only need the sun for energy, they’re extremely dependable and can turn on instantly without having to pull a handle or turn a motor over. There’s also a lot less maintenance needed and no excessive cleaning, thanks to the omission of gas. Environmentally-Friendly When you use a solar generator, you’re helping create a cleaner world by using less gas and not releasing fumes into the air and environment. Solar power is free and all you need is the attached panel to retrieve power from the sun. By using these new generators, you’re contributing to a greener world and making a smaller carbon footprint. If you’re considering purchasing a new generator, think about the benefits that solar-powered models can provide. Contact a company like Wade Sales & Service for more...

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Great Things To Do In Norfolk

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When people are coming up with a vacation destination, Norfolk, Virginia may not make a lot of short lists. This may be because people truly do not know what the historical city has to offer. Norfolk, Virginia really does have an activity for every type of person out there. This article is going to outline just a few of the best things to do when visiting the great city of Norfolk. Remember, there are hundreds of activities and this article will only outline a few. Water Sports One of the greatest features of visiting Norfolk is the fact that Norfolk is just twenty five minutes from Virginia Beach. One of the best beaches on the Eastern coast is just a quick drive away! Virginia Beach offers all types of water activities that a person can and should enjoy when visiting Norfolk. There are different places to rent jet skis and boats. One of the best things is that with a jet ski you will be able to travel up river and through all sorts of different bays. Norfolk really can be the water sports destination you have been looking for because it offers so many different activities.  Museums If you are an individual that has a love of America and all things history, there may not be a better place to visit. There are many different museums that the historian will be able to visit. Here are a few of the best museums in Norfolk: Chrysler Museum, Hampton Roads Naval Museum, Hermitage Museum, MacArther Museum, Nauticus and Battleship, and the Police and Fire Museum. As you can see, there are a plethora of different types of museums to visit in the Norfolk area. Each of these different museums has a special type of feeling and theme that comes with it.  Being Outdoors One of the very best things to do in Norfolk is stay outdoors. If you are looking for a bit of adventure, you might try some of the bike trails. Otter Point Trail Loop is a beautiful 2.6 mile trail that can be used for hiking, mountain biking, or even horseback riding. One of the more popular walks in Norfolk are the Botanical Gardens. This is a garden that can be hiked by anyone and will give a person an escape from reality. The gardens may be one of most relaxing things you do on your entire vacation....

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You Need A Public Speaker: 3 Steps To Help You Hire The Right One

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If you’re going to be hiring a public speaker for your next business meeting, it’s important that you take the time to hire the right one. Hiring the wrong public speaker can undermine the effectiveness of the meeting, especially if the speaker isn’t able to capture the audience’s attention. Here are three things you should look for when hiring a public speaker for your event. Passion for the Topic When hiring a public speaker for your event, you want to make sure that the person you hire has more than just a working knowledge of the topic. You want them to have a real passion for the topic. If your speaker has an honest passion for the topic, that passion will come out in their words and delivery. Failure to hire someone who truly believes in the topic can cause the delivery to fall short. If that happens, your audience will not believe in the speaker and the words will fall on deaf ears. A passionate speaker will engage the audience and get them excited about the topic at hand. Previous Speaking Engagements Before you hire a public speaker, take a look at their previous speaking engagements. If the speaking engagements were captured on video, take a look at those videos. Pay close attention to delivery styles and audience participation. Whether you’re planning an event for a small office staff or a full corporate convention, your audience wants to know that they’re spending their time productively. By paying attention to previous speaking engagements, you’ll be able to choose a speaker that will provide a positive experience for your attendees. Action-Oriented Topic If you’re planning this event as a way to teach your employees new strategies, you need to make sure the speaker is action-oriented. Your public speaker should be able to provide specific strategies designed to help your attendees achieve the goals you have set for them. In addition, a successful public speaker will be able to motivate your attendees to make necessary changes to their daily work habits. When choosing a public speaker, make sure they can address the specific action-oriented details you want to have addressed. When it comes to public speakers, one size doesn’t fit all. You want your attendees to come away with enough information and excitement to implement the information they’ve been provided. The tips provided above will help you choose a public speaker that will work best for your needs and the needs of your event attendees. Click on the link to hire a public speaker or do an online...

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